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In the Gender Perspective, Potential synergy of Islam Muslim

Departing from the format that Islam fully support women to advance by making a noble position parallel to the male, plus support a variety of evidence, then the next step there are no barriers and constraints that force women to hide its potential in acting and participated in various sectors of life. In a hadith narrated by Ahmad, the Prophet Muhammad said that could be abstracted meaning, that the Prophet forbade women who resemble men in outward form and appearance. But it should be understood that the prohibition does not apply to the efforts of women to resemble men in intelligence and commanding the good.

Not one that the feminist movement began to emerge when women are oppressed, deprived of human rights and terpojokkan of society that "male dominated". Islam is a supporter of the feminist movement since the first trip of this movement to demand equality and granting rights after a long period of time, the subordination of women is only male and the object of exploitation.

And the foundation of this claim becomes the point of arrival of Islam in Makkah earth. Although in its development, a phenomenon that is expanding the flow of feminism in the order that contains a variety of demands and pencapaianya processes such as liberal feminism, radical, socialist, ecofeminisme, or postmodern feminism. Excess swelling stream has made a significant distance from the first emergence of the movement's intentions. But need not be upset to say that feminists are those who fight for women's rights and want to restore the position of women in a noble seat, freeing women from oppression and castration potential. Here feminist can a male or female as long as he struggled in the sector.

God said, "and everything, We have created pairs that ye may remember the greatness of God" (Sura 51: 49). What can we catch the verse is the message that religious people always maintain an attitude of balance (balanced) with evidence of the creation of all things in pairs, rich poor, high or low, smart stupid, good or evil, male and female knew that the earth, the sky , along with life in it is created for human beings regardless of whether she is a woman or a man. A balance must be achieved with close cooperation to sustain life on earth. If we analogy in the present context, means that men and women are responsible for the existence of civilization because they are human essence or kholifah is turned on this earth. The social life will be crippled if the individuals involved in it is of the same element. But will the heterogeneous climate makes life rich differences, being the difference that lies a high-valued assets (high value).

Then, in virtually every individual has different capabilities and live how he cultivate potential and plugging in a vision, then make it a profession. In line with the Koran alIsraa letter 'paragraph 84 which states that every man do according keadaanya respectively, only God who knows who is the most correct way. That means being a teacher is a profession, physicians, employees, workers, journalists, engineers, architects, politicians, economists, housewives, merchants, writers, etc. are also some noble profession.

Muslim women also have obtained the right to equal education with men, unfortunately, often on a scale of implementation has not had the opportunity to optimize the assets of the acquired knowledge for the betterment of the environment in which it resides. If the household is the responsibility of women alone and building a complex society is the male power, it is worth in robohkan dichotomy. Why? Because this is where wasteful of human resources and a waste of potential that should be developed in the community. Reasons of gender can not be a legitimate dikeluarkanya prohibition for women to take part in society, because then it happened castration potential that should be synergized into one of the important estuary of enlightenment in the community.

Muslim women in various levels also have the same potential and capability sometimes even more than in men in some public sector. But unfortunately because of the circle of culture and understanding of the textual message of religion, they are often reluctant or choose to stay at home rather than socializing capabilities it has. Whereas many opportunities that can be entered by Muslim women with their potential.
Then how the potential of Muslim pensinergian on a practical level? Until not just a theory and how also to maintain well-balance in family life in addition to potential development outside the family? One thing that needs to be clarified that keeping wicket families, educate children and pay attention to every emotional development and education, as well as a captain in the domestic sector is not the primary task of women's death rates. Where there is no mechanism bergaining in the process of achievement. Is not everyone different situations that require different strategies in dealing with certain circumstances anyway? A mother or wife at a time should pay attention to their children 24 hours a day for 20 years of age of the child. Or through a pattern of education in which a mother to give enough attention and control on the child's maturation process without devoting 20 years of attention, but only at the early growth of the child. If the difference is applied to all families or female, while the situation demands the level of education and work in the community is very different, then the defect actually begins from here. As in the principles of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Family in the habit to 6 is a process of synergy. That is a dynamic kekekuatan resulting from the correlation between one part with another part that will produce something new. The power did not come from the sacrifice but the ability to manage challenges, by identifying the capabilities and processing differences to arrive at the conclusion the principle of "win-win".

This is where the proven ability of Muslim women, how he could read the workplace environment, regulating the family, educating children and continue to optimize our potential. The process of synergy in family life and the world could work like a relationship analogous to the work of the limbs, where there there is close cooperation between the two arms, head, feet, liver, brain and others. Strength will come up with a good cooperation braided and how they welcome the differences and be friendly to our environment. When the process is successful then the family synergies in the next stage of the potential synergy of many Muslim women did not experience difficulties. Due to the success of this process is also not separated from her husband how much emotional ties and cooperation that existed between them. That is a consciousness of the potential husbands and wives do not hinder the process of socialization of science to the public and join in the work attachment, involvement in the environment and actualization in any form if the reason for this participation is in terms of optimizing yourself, especially if the work process in order to relieve the family economy . Work or the optimization capabilities of Muslim women is not always associated to the world of work that are official in a matter of strict working hours, but it could have shaped social work in NGOs, joined in a political organization, femininity, missionary organizations and others. What is often forgotten is that if the optimization is to a degree or kerjamania workaholic, until Muslim women also not forget that the main goal of this process is to unearth the potential synergy and the synergy potential for doing good and avoiding wrongdoing.

Often the realization, the task of educating children and pay attention to neglected family, although family responsibilities and educating children is a shared responsibility (husband and wife). The family remains the number one, then prioritize which ones need to be among the kedepankan was the one who deserves to be footing, what participation in the continuity of family or community or work for a living, or all three can be passed in the same time? That's what needs to be a consideration, not by mis-uderstanding against religious messages about the status of Muslim women who work or the self. People everywhere are certainly very need at the idea and thought the women that sometimes irreplaceable role. In this position the involvement of women in society became obligatory. In the political sphere, for example, Muslim women have to be there representing the aspirations of women. In the field of medical line Muslim doctor is in need. Even the significance of this also applies to the handling of cases of prostitution, juvenile delinquency, street children or proselytizing among women themselves.

Finally back on the spirit of the above verses that the earth and the attraction in it was created to meet the expectations and satisfaction of human without any gender bias in it. So it could reach execution means that the position kholifah fi-l-ard it indicates that the gait and gestures of Muslim women is very important, is equivalent to the position of the adam. And advance the project of this deen will continue to be wishful thinking if the Muslims continue to measure the side of truth and kesholihahan a wife or a mother with obedience and silence live at home while the horizon keilmuanya insight and much needed by the public. So we are being understood in line with the Koran itself which always seeks to reconstruct society's paternalistic towards bilateral demokratis.Yang uphold freedom of expression and optimize potential synergies with the process. This is where the elimination of waste of human resources began, towards the construction process yanglebih fresh. Of course, this process still have to go through a long path (tadarruj tasyrii fi '), in the hope of new problems arise not because of a mistake to understand this thinking, because it will inspire synergy potential confusion in the implementation of Muslim women and their negligence in its natural task. Support men on the process dynamics and understanding the value of religion is very large message, it means giving a chance and opportunity to women does not reduce the quality of one's masculine but it produces a wonderful collaboration lii'lai kalimatillah. Wallahua'lam.
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